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Carlos Quinones

The 17-year-old was out on $15,000 bail in a rape case when he allegedly waved the gun around during a Vape-cigarette buy in the mall parking lot.


Police say Sellie failed to return jewelry to customers or to compensate them.

Cases of production of child pornography are far less common than downloading, said Special Agent David Fallon of the FBI’s Albany Field Office. The vast majority of production cases involve people, he said, who are able to convince kids whom they have never met in person to take their clothes off for them.

Taxpayers in all four towns within the Guilderland school district will pay less on taxes per $1,000 of assessed valuation than last year. The biggest difference — a decrease of 28.20% — will be in the town of Guilderland.

Winding Brook Drive

People want to move to Guilderland, said developer Francis McCloskey, and he wants to be involved only in responsible development projects. Current town residents should avoid putting up “imaginary walls” to keep new residents out, he said.

Ken Harris, executive director of the Albany Guardian Society — a not-for-profit organization that seeks to improve the lives of senior citizens and their families and caregivers — recently called the explosion of proposed senior-housing projects in Guilderland “by far the biggest growth of any community in the Capital District.”

“Without a weapon, you cannot recklessly endanger someone,” defense attorney Terence Kindlon told the five justices of the Appellate Division of the Third Judicial District on Thursday.

Former Guilderland judge Richard Sherwood is set to testify against his co-defendant, Thomas Lagan, in a federal jury trial now set for June 13 in Albany.

Maggie Smith has devoted her life to the restaurant she launched 25 years ago, after winning at the track.

The Albany County Planning Board told Pyramid the ring road around Crossgates Mall is already very congested. Chairman Dominic Rigosu told Pyramid, “At some point, you have to say you have to mitigate it,” referring to the current traffic situation.


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