Elizabeth Floyd Mair 

great horned owl
It costs Joyce Perry, who runs the not-for-profit Whispering Willow Wild Care, $15,000 a year for the frozen mice she feeds the disabled birds of prey that she takes into the community for educational programs. 

In federal court, Richard Sherwood said, “I sincerely apologize to anyone I have hurt or embarrassed, including the bar and the judiciary, by what I have done.” 

GUILDERLAND — Erin Lancraft has loved music since she was a young girl. She also started volunteering at a summer camp for children with developmental disabilities when she was 11, and continued to work there through high school. 

Daniel McNally currently directs the town’s Emergency Medical Services division. 

“We’re not here to beat each other up, but to develop ourselves.”

The town supervisor said he will start involving the public soon, but that the form that involvement will take is not yet clear. 

The crimes were “ruled by insatiable greed,” said Assistant United States Attorney Michael Barnett in court Wednesday. 

Albany Country Club President Tom Cullinan told Guilderland’s Development Planning Committee that, while a proposed project to double the size of Weatherfield will not be age-restricted, it will be marketed to those age 50 and older. 

State fire code calls for two separate entrances into a site with multi-residential complexes that have more than 200 units. 

Pickleball courts, a pool, and a clubhouse are among the amenities proposed for a new residential development on Carman Road in Guilderland.


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