Elizabeth Floyd Mair 

Christmas was a religious holiday for the Shakers from the start, said Lorraine Weiss, the education coordinator for the Shaker Heritage Society in Albany, but it was not originally a decorated holiday. “Over time, the Shakers took on more of the world’s cultural traditions, so they probably celebrated Christmas, giving gifts,” she said.

Srikar Ganapathiraju says the medical internship he did while a senior at Guilderland High School has opened many doors for him as a pre-med student at Boston University. 

Neil Gifford of the Albany Pine Bush Preserve Commission said that Pyramid has already suggested adding about 8 acres of land north of the butterfly preserve as part of its mitigation for the proposed apartments on Rapp Road. 

The company cannot “double dip,” he said, and claim that that proposed additional eight acres of butterfly habitat would also mitigate a higher theater. But what Pyramid could do, he said, is put in more money to support management efforts. 

Tara Kitchen

Aneesa Waheed, originally from India, met her Pakistani husband in Morocco. They offer the Morrocan food they enjoy at home in their restaurants; the third will open in Guilderland soon.

After a video was shared widely online of a woman taking packages from a Guilderland home, the packages were returned. 

The robber said he had a gun, but never showed one, say police. 

Next steps are for the project to go to the Albany County Planning Board, possibly  in December, then to Guilderland’s planning board for a recommendation to the zoning board, and then to the zoning board for a public hearing no earlier than Jan. 15. 

Promenade representatives

No new residents can be admitted to Promenade until the adjourned hearing is resumed or until the state’s Department of Health reaches an agreement with Promenade, according to DOH spokesman Gary Holmes.

Beacon Meadows will be mixed-income housing in which residents are encouraged to help one another through volunteer opportunities. 

Demi Robinson

Demi Robinson at 9 is probably stronger now for having suffered brain surgery and paralysis at 3, her father said. “She works a little harder than everyone else just to do what they do easily.” 


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