Elizabeth Floyd Mair 

Brunch on Saturdays and Sundays will include $1 mimosas with a choice of three toppings from among shrimp, steak, bacon, stuffed olives, hard-boiled eggs, avocado, and pineapple. 

David Albright told The Enterprise that he was 8 and riding on his yellow banana-seat bike in April 1972 when he and his friend saw a plane flying very low — just 300 to 500 feet off the ground — and stopped to stare at it. The pilot saw them too, Albright said, and waved. 

Kris Monforte

Owner Kris Monforte, 41, said his goal is to open the new restaurant, Orchard Tavern West, on Sept. 1. 

The Guilderland school district has just begun to work with a black consultant about how to increase its racial and cultural diversity and inclusion. Some African-American parents think it has a long way to go. 

The state says there is a “significant threat to public health or the environment” from chemicals in the soil and groundwater. 

Guilderland Police confirmed the fatality at 1:17 p.m. on Monday and were investigating, a CSX spokesperson wrote in an email to The Enterprise, adding, “It is important to remember how critical it is to steer clear of railroad tracks and active operations.” 

Pyramid, which owns Crossgates Mall, did not file any grievances this year. But Macy’s, which owns its store located in Crossgates, is arguing in court that its $16 million assessment should be reduced to no more than $5 million.

Seema Rivera

The new president of the Guilderland School Board “totally” wants the community to discuss  whether the district is doing enough to reflect the diversity of students in its faculty and curriculum. The new vice president says the district is already “very proactive in dealing with issues related to race, gender, and diversity.”

Troy Miller of CM Fox plans to open his first golf-simulator business in Guilderland in September and to duplicate the model elsewhere in the area in the next couple of years. 

Data will then be used to calculate the cumulative impact on traffic patterns and sewer infrastructure.


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