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Promenade representatives

No new residents can be admitted to Promenade until the adjourned hearing is resumed or until the state’s Department of Health reaches an agreement with Promenade, according to DOH spokesman Gary Holmes.

The ACCESS office

ACCESS Hilltowns will soon house a caseworker who will be able to support residents who have been victimized by a crime. 

Albany Country Club wants to build — at 300 Wormer Road — 100 single-family homes and 100 townhouses (in orange and pink), and 90 multi-residential units (in blue) on 104 acres, leaving 445 acres open. The plan will be discussed at a pre-application conference with the Development Planning Committee on Wednesday, Nov. 20, at the Guilderland Town Hall. The meeting, where heads of town departments will ask questions before the application is formally submitted, is open to the public.

Beacon Meadows will be mixed-income housing in which residents are encouraged to help one another through volunteer opportunities. 

Demi Robinson

Demi Robinson at 9 is probably stronger now for having suffered brain surgery and paralysis at 3, her father said. “She works a little harder than everyone else just to do what they do easily.” 

Less is budgeted next year for the command line in the police department: Chief Carol Lawlor is set to retire in mid-January. 

Altamont Reservoir

The Altamont Reservoir may shortly have a new purpose if a proposed solar farm for the village-owned land in Knox gets the green light from the Altamont Board of Trustees. The timing couldn’t be better, as this week the 120-year-old dam was identified as among the worst in the country. 

As extreme-weather events increase in number and strength, some New Scotland National Grid customers are left asking: How will my power be protected?

Damion Coppedge is a poet, a chess teacher, a Buddhist. He honed these aspects of his life during the 22 years he spent in prison. He is now making his way in the world, living in a half-way house in the Bronx since his release on July 31.

After an Associated Press report called attention to the safety rating of dams across the country, the Albany Water Board commissioner assured that the Basic Creek Reservoir Dam is inspected “weekly, monthly, yearly.”

GUILDERLAND — Tasheem Maeweather will remain in prison because the state’s highest court, the Court of Appeals, has declined to hear the appeal on his case, attorney Terence Kindlon told The Enterprise Friday, the same day he learned of the court’s decision.

Terence Kindlon

Terry Kindlon’s father was left for dead on a battlefield in Italy and awoke to find his rifle jammed into the ground beside him, his helmet perched on it. 

Jeff Perlee, a Republican who won handily in district with more Democrats than Republicans, said the day after elections: “If there’s a mandate, it’s: Don’t make this about partisan positions; find a way to put aside partisanship to get things done.”

In 2020, the town will begin to charge residents for accepting their household recyclables.  

Rensselaerville sees one new official on the town board following unopposed elections.