The villages of Altamont and Voorheesville continue to propose and adopt budgets that keep the municipalities below the state-set levy limit.

Another increase in prescription drug costs has pushed the Voorheesville budget deficit for the 2019-20 school year to over $600,000.

Reid Prinzo, a chartered financial analyst, has joined Bryant Asset Management in Slingerlands as a financial advisor.

VOORHEESVILLE — The village’s proposed $2.64 million budget for next year is down significantly from this year’s budget of $3.23 million. The roughly $300,000 garnered from property taxes is below the state-set levy limit.

Phillips Hardware

A study done for the IDA by Camoin Associates looked at demand for hardware in the area and found that, while the area is already well served by stores selling building materials and supplies, Phillips is able to provide a higher level of customer service and to offer unique services such as small-engine repair. The study said this should help Phillips reach a market that larger big-box stores cannot.

The town has sent each property owner in Guilderland five comparables that are closest overall to their property. But, said consultant Andrew Farbstein, who is working with the town assessor on the revaluation, “This doesn’t mean people can’t bring in other comps that they think are better. If we were sure that everything we were saying was right, why would be meeting with people?”

The first draft of Altamont’s 2019-20 budget is about $2.3 million.

Here’s your chance to find out what you’ll be voting on and to make your views known.

Jonathan Phillips still hopes to build a sports dome near his hardware store — and he has received town approval to do so — but that part of his project is on hold for now. He hopes to revisit it later, if he has the financing, he told The Enterprise earlier.

The deadline for property-tax payments in Berne was extended to Feb. 21.


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