The public hearing for the proposed law will be held on June 14 at 6:30 p.m. at the Berne Senior Center, 1360 Helderberg Trail. 

Superintendent Marie Wiles concluded of the 2023-24 budget, “On some levels, this was a fortunate year that we were able to maintain everything that we have been doing and lower the class sizes in the middle school, which was a huge priority, and begin to transition items that were funded by our federal dollars into he general fund. So I think we’re in a very good spot.”

Guilderland Superintendent Marie Wiles noted that currently Guilderland is allotted $5,400 for each pre-kindergarten student, “which doesn’t begin to cover the cost for the community-based partners that we have.” She went on, “They feel and rightfully so — and were pleased to continue to work with us — that they can actually do better just by being independent and getting self pay from parents who can afford it.”

The estimated tax levy increase, at 2.76 percent, stays under the state-set limit, requiring only a simple majority to pass the budget on May 16.

Guilderland school district residents vote at the elementary school that serves their area. For the May 2022 budget vote, those in the Altamont area had the highest turnout at just 26 percent of eligible voters, followed by Pine Bush at 20 percent, Lynnwood at 19 percent, Guilderland at 17 percent, and Westmere at 14 percent.

Robert Marriott, Berne

Crossgates’ tenants in 2020 reported total sales of $266.5 million, down from  $416.8 million in 2019, according to court papers — dueling appraisals of the mall from the town and Crossgates. 

So far, the Guilderland school district has spent about $1.6 million out of the roughly $7.8 million it has been allocated in federal funds to deal with the pandemic.

Although the Helderberg Lake Dam, in Berne, had cracks and other deficiencies over the decades that it had undergone inspections by the New York State Department of Conservation, it was not considered to be out of state compliance until 2016, because of a lack of an engineering assessment due two years prior, and again in 2018, following an engineering assessment.

The Berne Town Board appeared highly critical of the tax district proposal at its meeting last month, suggesting alternative solutions to fund the unsound Helderberg Lake Dam.


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