To guarantee that residents across New York are paying their fair share of taxes, the state needs a law with enforcement teeth to set a common requirement for full-value assessment.

A dramatic change in Guilderland’s equalization rate, set by the state, means Guilderland residents will pay more in county taxes and in school districts like Voorheesville’s. Also, the value of residents’ exemptions will drop.

In New York State, qualifying clothing and footwear purchases are exempt from state sales tax year-round. Many states offer sales-tax breaks leading up to the school year, but in New York State clothing and footwear are always exempt from the state’s 4-percent sales tax when they are sold for less than $110.

ALBANY COUNTY — Ever since the United States Census Bureau, in 1999, started tracking digital shopping’s share of domestic retail sales, that share has grown. Steadily. So, it’s not news that more and more people are buying online.

Guilderland’s Industrial Development Agency gives Pyramid Companies part of what they asked for.

A lawsuit from Altamont against Knox, challenging the assessment, is expected to go to court soon.

GUILDERLAND — It’s been an “extremely busy year” for the Guilderland Industrial Development Agency, said Chief Executive Officer Donald Csaposs.

On May 16, school district voters will decided on a $1,171,500 Voorheesville Public Library budget for next year. The spending plan, after two years of no increase, is up slightly but still under the state’s tax levy limit.

GUILDERLAND — The Guilderland Public Library’s board of trustees has approved an operating budget for 2017-18 of $4,038,583, based on a tax levy of $3,689,217.

GUILDERLAND — Three incumbents and two challengers are running for three seats on Guilderland’s board of education.


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