The town of Berne is being audited by the New York State Comptroller after Councilman Joel Willsey, the board’s lone Democrat, complained about the formulation of the town’s 2020 budget.

Berne Supervisor Sean Lyons announced in a letter posted on the town’s website that, following receipt of the second-quarter sales tax revenues, the town will be able to cover coronavirus losses without sacrificing personnel or town services. Lyons told The Enterprise this week that “the budget cuts I am proposing will give the town another good starting point in 2021.” 

Guilderland town hall
Property owners in town have filed 32 lawsuits against Guilderland, seeking to have a collective $378 million cut from the current assessed values of their properties. 

The Guilderland School board set tax rates and approved putting about $1.2 million into reserves.

Lord & Taylor department store

The coronavirus pandemic is affecting Crossgates’ bottom line. 

While the fiscal health of other area municipalities may be in question, New Scotland’s is “very sound.”

Highway Superintendent Randy Bashwinger

As the Berne Town Board negotiates a new union contract for town employees that will likely include improved compensations for highway workers, residents question the town’s financial standing in a pandemic-addled economy. 

In Knox’s first town board meeting physically open to the public since the coronavirus settled in March, Supervisor Vasilios Lefkaditis assured residents that the town is in strong financial standing despite projected sales-tax loss, which he credits to the town’s robust cash balance.

For 2020-21, the Voorheesville Public Library is proposing a $1.35 million budget, an increase of nearly 7 percent from this year.

“We have been challenged to not only reinvent what we do for an online platform, but innovate at the same time,” said Timothy Wiles, director of the Guilderland Public Library. The library is proposing a $4 million budget, drafted before the coronavirus shutdown. Residents of the Guilderland Central School district will vote through mail-in ballots that must be returned by June 9.


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