Berne’s $2.9 million budget proposal for next year is up $82,000 from this year’s spending, and will draw over $50,000 from reserves and $368,000 from the town’s fund balance to keep taxes flat.

In the wake of its capital-project defeat, the Guilderland School District will look at exit polls to see what direction to take next, said Superintendent Marie Wiles.

Citizens in a democracy need to do their part — each one of us — to make a government of the people, by the people, and for the people viable.

Daniel McCoy’s 2019 proposed budget for Albany County is up $21 million from last year, but stays under the state-set levy limit and doesn’t increase taxes.

On Saturday, residents of Weatherfield celebrated a reduced tax hike this year after they had pushed for change. 

An average Guilderland homeowner will see a $103 annual increase in school taxes if a $43M district project passes.

New state-set equalization rates for Guilderland residents in the Voorheesville school district mean district residents in New Scotland and Berne will pay more.

GUIILDERLAND — The Guilderland Town Board settled a number of tax certiorari cases in June that had been hung up in the courts for years, according to the town’s assessor, Karen Van Wagenen.

If the townhouses in the Mill Hill development are declared condos, as their owners want, their combined assessment will fall by almost $10 million.

The New York State Department of Taxation and Finance reminds property owners — homeowners and businesses — that the deadline to challenge their property assessment is the fourth Tuesday in May in most communities.

That day, May 22 this year, is known as “Grievance Day.”


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