GUILDERLAND — With low turnout in Thursday’s primary for Guilderland town judge, Bryan Clenahan bested Christine Napierski, securing both the Independence and Women’s Equality party lines for the Nov. 6 election. Napierski said on Friday that she will continue in the race.

Many YMCA members offered opinions about removing CNN from the lineup of TVs at the center. Some were happy to see it gone, and others dismayed, but they had one thing in common: Many declined to give their names, citing today’s contentious political climate.

Voters in the Independence Party and the Women’s Equality Party will be the only ones weighing in on Sept. 13 on the candidates for Guilderland town judge.

A primary typically draws more voters than a caucus. It’s more inclusive, better run, and therefore more representative of the people voting.

GUILDERLAND — Just 21 votes separated Bryan Clenahan and Christine Napierski July 26 at the Guilderland Democratic caucus, which was conducted using paper ballots rather than a voice vote or a show of hands because so many voters — 285 — turned up at Tawasentha Park.

“What irritates me most about this case,” said town Supervisor Peter Barber in federal court, acting as attorney for one of the defendants, "is we are less than 72 hours before the start of this caucus.” He called the lawsuit “borderline frivolous.”

GUILDERLAND — Christine Napierski was chosen in April over 13 other candidates to replace town justice Richard Sherwood who pleaded guilty this week to felony charges.

Mark Dunlea,​ Poestenkill, New York

Jesse Sommer, Iraq

Three Albany County legislators, who are also business owners, have formed a new caucus that will grade legislators based on their votes on measures related to small-businesses.


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