Ron Bernhard passes a gun to another member of Knox’s Helderberg Rod and Gun Club

KNOX — When the Helderberg Rod & Gun club received  land on Quay Road in 1958 as a gift from  a family who were members, it seemed the perfect spot.  It was  a rural and largely wooded location, thinly populated.  It still is today, but now the land opposite the club  has some large homes.

The top line in the $1.6 million preliminary budget proposed by Supervisor Vasilios Lefkaditis calls for a 16-percent cut in town spending compared to the 2016  budget.

The board also recently heard town residents who live near the Helderberg Rod and Gun Club register several complaints about the club and its noise.

The councilman who formed Unify Knox says he will sit out the November election.

Ken Saddlemire is not taking the reversal lying down. He intends to stay in the race as a write-in candidate.

In separate accidents, two teens escape serious injury at an intersection with a hidden hazard.

The town board seat soon to be left vacant by Eric Kuck will be contested in the general election by Dan Hanley and Ken Saddlemire.

Tara Murphy, Knox Town Clerk

Tuesday’s town board meeting began with some sharp exchanges over how minutes were recorded, leaving town Clerk Tara Murphy “feeling like a scolded employee.”

Eric Kuck, who is enrolled as a Democrat, was appointed by the board last December. His name will remain on the ballot on the Unify Knox party line. 


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