Crossgates Mall

GUILDERLAND — Josuelle Ortiz, an employee of the Crossgates Mall security office, was arrested on May 21 for taking a wallet from the lost-and-found drawer.

Guilderland Police were called to the security office for a report of an “internal theft,” the arrest report says.

ALBANY COUNTY — Ever since the United States Census Bureau, in 1999, started tracking digital shopping’s share of domestic retail sales, that share has grown. Steadily. So, it’s not news that more and more people are buying online.

Guilderland’s Industrial Development Agency gives Pyramid Companies part of what they asked for.

The jury in the Tasheem Maeweather Crossgates Mall shooting case deliberated for about a day before reaching their verdict Friday afternoon, acquitting him on three of the four felonies with which he was charged. The jury, which had been seated on Monday, determined that Maeweather was not guilty of attempted murder, attempted assault, or criminal possession of a weapon.

Assistant District Attorney Steven Sharp is painting a picture of Maeweather as being involved in gang warfare that came to a head at Crossgates Mall.

The owners of Crossgates Mall, who are hoping to build a hotel next door, are seeking tax exemptions of $2.4 million from Guilderland’s Industrial Development Agency.

Steve Wacksman, Guilderland

As a first step, Pyramid, which owns Crossgates, went before the Guilderland Planning Board Wednesday with a request to rezone 12.7 acres between the entrance and Gabriel Terrace.

A new interactive adventure located in Crossgates Mall by Regal Cinemas 18 opens.

Tasheem Maeweather, accused of firing a gun in Crossgates in November, was sentenced today in Albany County Court to nine years in state prison for violating the terms of his probation on an earlier felony drug charge. 


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