Crossgates Mall

GUILDERLAND — Stephen Cadalso was one of the residents of the ghost neighborhood in front of Crossgates Mall; he sold his home to Pyramid in December 2015. He believes Pyramid’s current plan to build a Costco in his old neighborhood is “too intense” of a use.

Next steps are for the project to go to the Albany County Planning Board, possibly  in December, then to Guilderland’s planning board for a recommendation to the zoning board, and then to the zoning board for a public hearing no earlier than Jan. 15. 

GUILDERLAND — Tasheem Maeweather will remain in prison because the state’s highest court, the Court of Appeals, has declined to hear the appeal on his case, attorney Terence Kindlon told The Enterprise Friday, the same day he learned of the court’s decision.

GUILDERLAND — Two Guilderland Police officers suffered minor injuries Saturday night when they tried to break up a fight at Crossgates Mall and the crowd became unruly, according to a release from the police; both refused medical attention.

GUILDERLAND — Wind, fog, vibration, motion-synchronized seats, and even scents are coming to Crossgates Mall theaters.

Data will then be used to calculate the cumulative impact on traffic patterns and sewer infrastructure.

The figures of the two groups of young men who confronted one another were ghostly shadows in Crossgates Mall video footage, seen almost entirely from the waist down because of the angle of the camera.

Last Tuesday morning during a ceremony held at Crossgates Mall, Albany County Executive Dan McCoy honored three local veterans while the first annual Military Health Expo went on.

The incident began with a report of a larceny at Burlington Coat Factory in Crossgates Mall.

Trivia Night Fundraiser on April 25 at Lucky Strike Social in Guilderland’s Crossgates Mall.


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