In what police say turned out to be a man with a cellphone, a student at Berne-Knox-Westerlo reported Friday that she saw a man with a knife or a large gun as kids were leaving for the day, prompting a lockout at the school and a mass-alert sent to emergency notification subscribers. 

By splitting the role of school business manager between its superintendent and an accountant, Berne-Knox-Westerlo is hoping to attract superintendent candidates of a higher caliber when Timothy Mundell retires from the position within the next five years. 

Teacher Michelle Van Patten

The second phase of Berne-Knox-Westerlo’s $15.8 million project has been completed, and Superintendent Timothy Mundell reports that, now halfway through, the project is on schedule and slightly under budget. 

The second season for the Berne-Knox-Westerlo girls’ and Voorheesville boys’ basketball teams started with a bang this week for play in the Section II, Class C bracket.

Amelia and Peter Nobis

Chantelle Nobis, a Hilltown native who now lives near Rome, New York, is fighting to develop better treatments for neurofibromatosis, a rare and vaguely understood genetic disorder that afflicts both her husband and daughter.

The CSEA, which represents non-instructional workers at the Berne-Knox-Westerlo Central School District, won raises for its members with a 3-percent increase for the 2019-20 school year and a total increase of 18-percent by 2023. Workers who have been with the district for 15 years or longer get additional compensation. 

Yira Matiz

At Berne-Knox-Westerlo’s regular board of education meeting, Yira Matiz, who was hired last summer to teach seventh- and eighth-grade Spanish, accused the school administration of not performing its due diligence when following up on complaints that Matiz was ineffective in the classroom. Matiz was forced to resign, she said.

Esports, or competitive video gaming, is a $1 billion dollar industry that Berne-Knox-Westerlo teacher William Dergosits wants to bring to the school. He says it may open doors for students academically, professionally, and socially — especially for those in what he calls the “hidden demographic.” 

“To be transparent,” Berne-Knox-Westerlo school board member Matthew Tedeschi said of value engineering, “there’s cuts made.”

Bill Dergosits runs his fingers over a Promethean board

Bill Dergosits stressed that the Promethean board is “a tool, not a toy.”


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