Everyone works together well at Altamont Elementary

To the Editor:

I was both shocked and saddened when I saw the proposal, many of which proposing the closure of Altamont Elementary. [Four of six scenarios at the conclusion of a consultant’s study on building capacity in the Guilderland schools involve closing Altamont Elementary School; coverage online at www.AltamontEnterprise.com.]

I am very familiar with Altamont Elementary because I subbed there a few years back.  This was one of the most wonderful and caring schools I have been in in a career of over 37 years in education.

Teachers were very qualified but, more important, they were always caring, concerned, and attuned to the children in the school.  The principal was involved, too.  His office was always open to teachers and everyone was friendly with each other. 

They made the school a wonderful place to work.  I subbed in many of the other schools in the district and in other schools in the area.  I never saw the camaraderie that was in place at Altamont anywhere else.

I never saw any other school where the principal, teachers, and secretarial staff all worked together so well, with the only desire to make their school a wonderful place for children to learn and to thrive.  I sure hope that excellence overrides budget concerns and Altamont Elementary remains open for future Altamont children. 

Linda Bopp

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