Runion takes a practical and common sense approach

To the Editor:

As the coming election for Guilderland town supervisor approaches, I feel compelled to express my support for Supervisor Kenneth Runion. I have operated a number of businesses for the last 40 years in the town of Guilderland and also lived in the town a majority of that time.

I have found Supervisor Runion to have a uniquely strong personal devotion to the success of the town of Guilderland, as well as a sense of loyalty to the town and what’s best for the residents. While he fiercely protects the town’s positions and interests, he has continued to take a practical and common sense approach to circumstances that require more flexibility and how they affect the town.

During my interaction with Supervisor Runion, it was obvious that his philosophy flows through the different facets of town and government, which I believe has substantially added to the success of the town and its environment. His experience, integrity, and professionalism make it an obvious choice for Supervisor Runion to be re-elected to town supervisor for another term.

James T. Burns


Burns Management


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