I’m cold without my coat

To the Editor:

I am writing to congratulate the Altamont Free Library for once again providing a wonderful evening at the annual I Love My Library gala.  It was great to see so many people come out to enjoy the food, fun, and friendship, especially during this long cold winter.

Many people, including my wife and me, went home with some great gifts from the many items available at the auction.  Unfortunately, I was unable to go home with my overcoat, as someone had accidently taken mine instead of theirs

The coat that was left behind is a men’s black Izod overcoat, with red striping on the  lining.  It was found hanging on the coat rack in the hallway at the rear of the community room, near the ladies’ room, on the same rack where my coat was hanging.

The coat that was found is now hanging on the coat rack at the library.  If you attended the gala, please take a look in your closet to make sure that you went home with the right overcoat, as your coat is too small for me and it sure is cold out without one.

Bob Haggerty


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