Andy Wright deserves an explanation

To the Editor:

Last week, the interim superintendent made the decision that that long-time boys’ varsity basketball coach, Andy Wright, would not be coaching this year. That decision was made without any discussion with Athletic Director Tom Galvin.

The only reason given to Andy was that the decision had been made to “move in another direction.” What does that mean?

Is this merely an issue of playing time? Please refer to the Athletic Code of Conduct Varsity level which can be found on the school website. It states, “While contest participation over the course of the season is desirable, a specified amount of playing time is not guaranteed.”

Why was Andy not given the respect of an appropriate reason? Why was Tom Galvin as athletic director not consulted?

Interim Superintendent Lonnie Palmer and the school board have, in my opinion, act unprofessionally and without respect. I believe there is another agenda.

This is not a personnel issue; it’s a personal issue for some. It would be refreshing to see our elected school board members concern themselves with the educational needs and safety requirements of the kids in this district instead of using it as a forum for their personal issues.

Andy has lived in this community all of his life and has dedicated himself to not only the basketball program, but to education as well. Give him an appropriate response!

Dennis Barber


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