Did the school board get it?

To the Editor:

We wonder if the school board at Berne-Knox-Westerlo got it Monday night, Oct. 21, with all the people who spoke in favor of Coach Andy Wright keeping his job as varsity coach.

We hope you listened to some who spoke; there was some very good advice. Thank you, Coach Galvin and Coach Wright. You both spoke from the heart.

Thank you to Coach Wright’s team that supported him; some of those players didn't get much playing time but still support Coach Wright.

Thank you, Mike Puzulis, for getting over 300 signatures on the petition supporting Coach Wright.

We wonder how many on the board ever attended a game that Coach Wright coached. How do you judge a person if you have never seen him work?

Does this school board want a winning team or a coach whose hands are tied ?

Rita and Roy Wilcox
New Scotland 

Editor’s note: Rita and Roy Wilcox’s grandson, Garrett Pitcher, a Berne-Knox-Westerlo graduate, played on the varsity basketball team.