Find answers to your questions on the Conservation Club

BERNE — The Berne Historical Society is hosting a presentation highlighting "The Berne Conservation Club — 50 Years of History.”

Our meeting night for the event is Monday, June 23, at 7 p.m. in the Berne Public Library Community Room.

What do you know about the Berne Conservation Club? Where is it located? Who started the group? When and how did the club come into existence? Why did the founders feel it was necessary to have an official club? Who are some of the community members involved over the past 50-plus years?

These questions and more will be explored by co-presenters Mike Vincent and Charlie Bassler. Vincent and Bassler will share artifacts, photos, and personal hands-on knowledge. They will help us understand the depth of activities the club has been involved in over the years.

A few tidbits gleaned from a conversation with Vincent include:

— The club is located in the area known as "the Berne Flats,” just down the road from the old Agway (now known as The Old Berne Mill);

— Some activities the club has been a part of include stocking local lakes with fish; hosting turkey shoots, sponsoring fund-raisers such as dinners and raffles; and teaching gun safety and snowmobile safety courses; and

— In 1834, Captain Bogardus was born in Berne, and, in 1854, he married Cordelia Dearstyne. The captain's contribution to trap shooting is quite astounding, as you will learn at Monday's talk.

We cordially invite any past and present members of The Berne Conservation Gun Club to attend. We also encourage and invite all those interested in learning more of our Berne history.

As always, our meetings include the joy of sharing refreshments afterwards. We look forward to viewing with you another piece of our Berne heritage.

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