School makes great choice

To the Editor:

My name is Edward Biittig and I work with Ed Frank at Choices 301 at the Beacon of Hope center in Altamont.  Much of our program is to inform young people of the dangers of drinking and driving, drug use, speeding, texting while driving, the consequences of bullying, and why seat-belt use is important. 

A few weeks ago, we saw some of the youngest students to go through the program — 200 eighth-graders from Farnsworth Middle School in Guilderland.  These students were some of the best we’ve had go through the program and they seemed to benefit greatly from the talks given by the volunteers that spoke. 

I want to thank Superintendent Marie Wiles, Ph.D for sending her students and also the teachers that accompanied them.  I also thank the parents and want to tell them they can be proud of all of these great young men and women.  They are the future of Guilderland.

Edward Biittig Sr.

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