Knox needs businesses for tax relief

To the Editor:

We have lived in the town of Knox for almost 24 years.  We moved into our home on Memorial Day weekend, 1990.

Within a year or two, a questionnaire from the town board asked for input from landowners about how to manage the growth of the town.  It was two or three pages long and was well thought out to plan growth.

A few principal land owners with significant acreage responded in The Enterprise groused about water shortages, a long touted excuse to keep this community an agrarian community, in my opinion.  Since then, the gas station, post office, and local market have all gone out of business for various reasons.

Enter into the mix a relatively new entrepreneur who opens a business on the Township Road and has come under fire for operating a business illegally, apparently falling afoul of zoning ordinances.

If a plan has not been drawn up and proposed in these past 22 to 23 years, who is to say what happens to the conundrum surrounding Hitmans Towing?  Why cannot there be a zoning change so Hitmans Towing may coexist with its neighbors?

The few businesses that were in Knox have been gone for well over a year.  The town board and supervisor appear to be operating in a “lame duck” mode while the town continues to stagnate due to lack of businesses, which puts a larger tax burden on the homeowners in the town.

I have voted for Democrats all of my life, but the economic situation in Knox causes me to consider other options come the next election cycle.  I would encourage all other staunch Democrats in Knox to re-examine the lack or absence of businesses functioning in our town.

Who will come forward with a solid plan for businesses to come to this great town and give its citizens some tax relief?

John Kilcher

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