Help find a shepherd who smells like the sheep

To the Editor:

Pope Francis has directed those whose job it is to nominate potential bishops to send him “shepherds who smell like the sheep.”  While some may object to being compared to sheep, no one should object to having church leaders who are familiar with the everyday concerns and struggles of the people they are called to serve.

For that reason, and because we believe the people themselves know best who those potential shepherds are, our group of faithful members of the Albany Diocese has created a website to encourage input from our fellow Catholics.

Since Bishop Howard Hubbard was required to submit a letter of resignation on his 75th birthday last October, a new bishop could be appointed soon. We urge all concerned Catholics to visit to learn more and to record their thoughts about the needs of the diocese and the qualities our next bishop must have to meet those needs.

Most importantly, we encourage them to share their views, including the names of possible candidates, with the Apostolic Delegate in Washington, D.C.

Ed Dilgen
Upstate New York Call to Action

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