Calling all seniors

To the Editor:

Do not have lunch at home alone.

Come to a wonderful luncheon. Doors open at 11:30 a.m. on Tuesdays in Altamont at the St. Lucy/St. Bernadette Parish Center on Grand Street. This is open to anyone 60 or over.

This could be your chance to meet some wonderful company and new friends. If you attend, you will always come back for a great afternoon.

We have lunch that is prepared by some of Altamont’s best cooks and desserts that are different each week.

Do not stay home alone; bring your partner, friend or just yourself.  If you need a ride, we provide bus transportation that will pick you up at your door.

Then, after our lunch, we have games: canasta, Rummikub, bingo, and lots of fun things to do. We would love to meet you and serve you.

We have Kitchen Angels who are looking forward to serve you with plenty of hot coffee or tea and wonderful food.

Please call Winne Klenotiz at 861-5161 no later than Sunday evening so we can meet you.

John W. Murphy Jr.
Altamont Seniors  

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