Sean Mulkerrin

Enterprise Consulting Services is once again looking to install a cell tower in Altamont. In 2013, the company had the same proposal for the same for the same site, on Agawam Lane.

ALTAMONT — Stewart’s Shops is again proposing an expansion that would require a zoning change, a measure that the village board rejected in a split vote three years ago.

In the face of lawsuits and money problems, Monolith Solar, and its new chief executive officer, are optimistic that they can get the company back on track by 2019.

This week, Daniel McCoy, the Albany County executive, signed into law an extension of the mortgage-recording tax.

VOORHEESVILLE — An upgrade to all of the lighting in village-owned buildings will save Voorheesville, after an initial pay-back period of a little over two years, about $8,000 annually.

The village of Voorheesville sent a letter to residents recently with new recycling guidelines. China announced last year that it would no longer take in the world’s recyclables, sending the price of disposal through the roof.

An update to Albany County’s Agricultural and Farmland Protection Plan seeks to protect farmers, their land, and the crops and livestock they produce.

In 2016, after years of lobbying, mental-health advocates were able to get legislation passed in New York State to require mental-health education in public schools. The law went into effect in July.  

As inequality deepens, one solution to level the playing field for workers has been employee-stock ownership plans.

Altamont resident Clair Hesselton was one of 1,500 entrants in a raffle to win a golf cart as part of ShopRite’s annual veterans’ fundraising campaign.


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