Sean Mulkerrin

The Guilderland Chamber of Commerce reached out recently to businesses in Altamont in an effort to form a village business committee. Michelle Viola-Straight, the chamber’s president, said the chamber is also looking to expand into Voorheesville and the Hilltowns.

The anti-incumbent mood that has been tossing out 10-term Congressmen, has come to New Scotland and its Democratic committee.

With each passing year, fewer and fewer all-volunteer ambulance squads remain in the area, replaced with full-time paid employees.

A new club at Voorheesville Elementary School has joined the media landscape. Blackbirds on the Wing, a podcast club, recently posted its first episode titled, “The Nature of Fads.”

ALBANY COUNTY — After stunning industrial and commercial growth over the last four decades in China, the Communist country, which had taken and used much of the world’s refuse, has implemented policies to clean up its environment.

Dennis Cyr, a Knox resident, recently moved and expanded his business, Mountainview Prosthetics, from a building on his Knox property, down the hill to Altamont’s Maple Avenue in a long-vacant space that was built as the village’s firehouse.

Albany County received millions in government funds to upgrade its communication system. Now volunteer fire departments worry how they’ll be able to pay for the required new radios.

The weather caused fewer people to attend this year’s Altamont Fair, organizers say, but they are working already to make next year’s fair bigger and better.

New state-set equalization rates for Guilderland residents in the Voorheesville school district mean district residents in New Scotland and Berne will pay more.

Voorheesville’s school board continues to debate the possibility of adding a school resource officer for the new school year.


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