Sean Mulkerrin

Voorheesville Trustees Richard Straut and Sarita Winchell were unopposed for their seats in this month’s village election. Just 74 of 2,010 registered voters turned out on Tuesday, March 19.

Running on the Altamont First line, Nicholas Fahrenkopf was the top vote-getter with 210. His running mate, Michelle Ganance, garnered  193 votes. Fahrenkopf had been on the board since 2015; Ganance was appointed just this past year. They ran on their records.

Daniel Barker, Altamont’s new historian, would like to scan historic documents and make local oral history available on the village’s website.

The first draft of Altamont’s 2019-20 budget is about $2.3 million.

Incumbents Richard Straut and Sarita Winchell are running unopposed on March 19 to remain Voorheesville trustees.

Susan Kidder retired as New Scotland’s Senior Outreach Liaison in December, replaced in the position by Debbie Engel.

ALTAMONT — The village has a contested election for the first time in years as four candidates are running for two trustee posts.

After two months of public comment, the Altamont Planning Board this week closed the hearing it had opened on Dec. 17, 2018, for a proposed cell tower on Agawam Lane and voted to allow the tower to be built.

A proposal from the New Scotland Historical Association is looking to save New Scotland and Voorheesville’s historic homes and sites.

The Federal Communications Commission in an effort to hasten the launch and adoption of 5G technology and infrastructure in September 2018 issued an order that has towns, cities, counties, and states scrambling to pass laws to protect their own interests from the FCC order.


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