Melissa Hale-Spencer

GUILDERLAND — The school district has its first energy manager — Fred Tresselt.

GUILDERLAND — Frank Tedesco says he loves kids.


Much of the news that matters in our everyday lives is local. This is often forgotten as we read wire-service reports or listen to network newscasts on national issues.

By Bill Sherman

GUILDERLAND — Two candidates who, before the election for school board president, said they had different leadership styles are now a leadership team.

We are raising a fear-filled generation.

GUILDERLAND — Fifty years after the first class of Guilderland High School graduated, the current class went out in style.

GUILDERLAND — The school board bid a fond farewell last Tuesday to two of its long-time leaders — William Brinkman and David Picker — while learning there will be a contest for new leadership.

GUILDERLAND — Honey buns and fruit gummies are out.

It’s a grand old flag,
It’s a high-flying flag,
And forever in peace may it wave.
It’s the emblem of
The land I love —
The home of the free and the brave...


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