Melissa Hale-Spencer

GUILDERLAND — A Guilderland High School student was arrested last Thursday after he showed a knife to a group of students in the school lobby.

GUILDERLAND — The everyday is extraordinary in the Fremante household.

Sunday morning, as the family arranges itself for a picture, Joe Fremante looks radiant. His face is cleanly shaven; his hair is freshly washed.

GUILDERLAND — As school board members discussed their priorities for the year, technology, early foreign-language study, health, distance learning, and integrating the teaching of history and English were all contenders.

Illustration by Forest Byrd

Cell phones are ubiquitous. They may also be dangerous.

Partying with a purpose
Freshmen connect at GHS

GUILDERLAND — Energy, like electricity, surged through the halls of Guilderland High School last Tuesday night.

Looking to build a brave new world
Caprio seeks others for free school and ecovillage

HILLTOWNS — April Caprio has decided to live her dreams, and she’s hoping others in the Hilltowns will join her to make them a reality.

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

— Jean Baptiste Alphonse Karr, Les Guêpes, 1849

The French have a saying: The more things change, the more they stay the same.

BERNE — Paul Zuk — a farmer, a mechanic, a woodworker — was a man of many talents, all cultivated through hard work and shared with generosity.

Ceremonies abound this year to commemorate the fifth anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorists’ attacks. They are listed in our community calendar and described in our letters and news pages.


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