Melissa Hale-Spencer

At long last
Coherent contract for Guilderland Employees Association

Aidala’s rule causes flyer flap

GUILDERLAND — In a hotly contested school board race, candidates have been told they can’t distribute flyers on school grounds.

McElligott at GES
Young authors learn from a pro

GUILDERLAND — Barbara Fraterrigo, who has been on the Guilderland School Board for 10 years, is seeking re-election with the goal of extending opportunities for "every kid to excel to the best of their abilities."

Guilderland School Board elections
Backed by endorsements and finances, teams formed

Illustration by Forest Byrd

GUILDERLAND — "If I’m elected to the school board," said , "I’m truly going to listen to what the community has to say."

GUILDERLAND — , who has served on the school board for a decade, is seeking another term.


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