Elizabeth Floyd Mair

GUILDERLAND — Teacher Colleen Ryan’s wife, Barbara Martucci, got the news that Ryan would be receiving a new set of lungs early on the morning of the couple’s eighth wedding anniversary, Nov. 13.

Just before midnight that same day, the transplant surgery had been completed.

The district’s other schools have not been tested in a decade.

The Guilderland Democratic Committee will form a committee, after the Nov. 6 elections, to look into whether it will continue with a caucuses, or change to a primary system, to choose its candidates.

A 92-unit apartment complex intended for senior citizens, at Route 20 and Mill Hill Court, broke ground on Nov. 1. The Guilderland Industrial Development Agency has granted the $21 million project $650,000 in sales and mortgage-recording tax breaks.

GUILDERLAND — A long and contentious three-way race for town justice in Guilderland ended with Bryan Clenahan, who had the backing of the Democratic Party in a Democratic town, the clear winner; he garnered more than half of the

GUILDERLAND — An exit poll on the narrowly defeated $43 million capital project to upgrade Guilderland’s seven schools shows the most frequently cited reason for voting “no,” at 56 percent, was, “The tax increase is not responsible.”

GUILDERLAND — Supporters of Christine Napierski were shocked and dismayed this weekend to see that a self-described “progressive Democratic” organization had posts about Napierski on its Facebook page, including one aligning her with the mass shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh because she is running for Guilderland To

In Guilderland, three candidates are seeking to replace former town justice Richard Sherwood, who is awaiting sentencing in federal and county court on charges stemming from his theft of millions from family trusts he oversaw in his work as a private attorney.

A historic home on Nott Road and its family cemetery have a connection to Guilderland’s earliest local government, the Revolutionary War, and Eleanor Roosevelt.

It’s been a year since Roger Sawyer of Guilderland died on his bicycle, hit by a sport-utility vehicle as he headed to work before dawn.


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