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Troy Miller is looking to subdivide roughly 13 acres into 11 lots, his engineer Stephen Walrath told Altamont zoning board members on Tuesday. 

 Bernard Radtke’s court papers argue Thomas Ensslin either knew or “should reasonably have known” that Radtke was the owner of one the area’s largest “commercial hauling, land clearing, and heavy-equipment companies,” and that Radtke had planned to use Ensslin’s property for his business. 

ALTAMONT — Nadia Raza was visiting family in Pakistan this summer when the floods came.

“We didn’t even know. I woke up one morning and I had text messages and Facebook messages from the entire Altamont community,” said Raza who owns a Pakistani restaurant in the village.

The plan from Carver Companies was presented to the Guilderland Development Planning Committee during an early-morning meeting on Tuesday.

There appears to be a disconnect between the town of Guilderland and the state Department of Environmental Conservation over the definition of tree-clearing. 

The World Health Organization has released six policy briefs outlining the key actions governments must take based on the evidence and experience of the last 32 months of what works best to save lives, protect health systems, and avoid social and economic disruption.

“It’s probably been the most difficult budget to prepare with all these uncertainties,” said Supervisor Peter Barber of next year’s tentative spending plan, which is up against the state-set levy limit. “It’s probably been the most difficult budget to prepare with all these uncertainties. We still have a very conservative approach. We hope that things turn out better than we fear.”

GUILDERLAND — Rachel Ferluge, who worked at a Stuyvesant Plaza boutique when she was a University at Albany student years ago, has been named general manager by WS Development.

The $3 million tentative budget hits its 2-percent tax levy limit, but that won’t apply to all residents in the town since the important increases occur within three of the town’s special districts. 

The Altamont Fire Department is receiving $250,000 and the Berne fire district is getting $100,000.

Several school board members said they would like to see the district meet the dietary needs of, for example, Jewish students who keep kosher or Muslim students who follow dietary laws specifying which foods are halal, or lawful, and which are haram, or unlawful.

The program will be entirely and exclusively funded by violator revenue over a five-year term

“We went down this pathway, as a team, of figuring out: How do we honor those that came before us and were the original stewards of this land?”

Guilderland Realty Partners, LLC is proposing a three-story, 93,600-square-foot indoor climate-controlled self-storage facility at 1583 and 1593 Western Ave.

The money will be used for improvements and additions related to infrastructure.