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Tom Capuano, Thom Breitenbach, Altamont

E.A. Chevrette Jr., Guilderland

Kevin Crosier, Karen Storm, John Crosier, Berne

Katherine Dieckmann, Westerlo

John Haluska, Guilderland

Ann Hein, Berne Library Seed Manager, East Berne

Tom Capuano, Thom Breitenbach Altamont

The Kiwanis Club of the Helderbergs

The month of February was  busy for the Helderberg Ambulance Squad. There were 26 calls during the month. Sixteen calls were medical and 10 were trauma. We continue to be proud of our response time which is 12 minutes from the time the pager goes off to the time we get to the scene. 

Richard Filkins, Westerlo