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In the time of coronavirus, with schools across the state closed, Fiero said, “Joan and I decided they would be the best way we could help.”

Peter Hotaling, Westerlo’s former assessor, withdrew the Article 78 proceding he had filed against the town after it unceremoniously allowed other candidates to apply for the position. Hotaling had been in the position for 19 years, and now works as Rensselaerville’s sole assessor.

Albany County currently has 517 people under mandatory quarantine and 234 people under precautionary quarantine. People under both kinds of quarantine follow the same regimen.

A plea to residents not to flush wet wipes. 

Tony Hynes

ALBANY COUNTY — As New York, like the rest of the nation, is faced with a shortage of ventilators to help patients with severe cases of COVID-19 to continue to breathe, a Cohoes company has come up with a machine to fill the gap.

The Helderberg Ambulance Squad has enlisted volunteers and is asking for more to help sew gowns to be worn by squad members as they work in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. The gowns will be waterproof and washable, meaning they can be reused. “ ... We didn’t ever wear gowns that often so we didn’t have enough [when the virus hit],” Mildred Zuk, an emergency medical technician, told The Enterprise. 

“A lot of other needs are arising,” said Elizabeth Whalen, Albany County’s health commissioner, on Monday as the National Guard prepared to deliver food to quarantined residents and the county executive announced that he asked the governor to waive state laws to enable IDAs to make direct loans to businesses.

A new test by the state’s Wadworth Laboratory, located in Albany, is supposed to help conserve protective equipment, which is in short supply, for health-care workers and reduce their exposure to coronavirus, according to a release from the governor’s office Sunday.

Stasis brought on by coronavirus was formally extended Sunday as Governor Andrew Cuomo announced a slew of restrictions on non-essential businesses and government workers would last, for now, until April 15.

He was a senior “with multiple underlying medical issues,” Albany County Executive Daniel McCoy said in a release; he died at St. Peter’s Hospital in Albany.

After Dr. Kevin Knuth’s scheduled lecture at the Carey Institute for Global Good was canceled due to concerns over the coronavirus, The Enterprise spoke with the University of Albany professor and former NASA scientist about his research into unidentified flying objects, or UFOs. “The majority of sightings are misidentifications …,” Knuth said of UFO incidents, “but there’s a lingering 3-percent of cases that don’t have an explanation.”

“Are we going to put life on hold?” asks Guilderland Supervisor Peter Barber.

The daily ridership of the CDTA has dropped by as much as 75 percent recently. 

Stephen Giordano, director of Albany County’s department of mental health, made several suggestions for managing stress in the time of coronavirus. “Exercise heals us emotionally,” he said. “Sleep is critical for the immune system. So is eating.”

“Wake up. Stop being selfish,” Albany County Executive Daniel McCoy urged residents on Wednesday as cases of COVID-19 soar downstate and people continue to leave their homes here and gather.