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The Helderberg escarpment is a singular natural landmark. This is the first of a two-part series examining how views of — and from — this landmark have shaped our development and how this asset continues to provide unique definition to the communities that share the Helderberg viewshed.

Laura Shore, President, Altamont Community Tradition

Richard J. Ronconi​, Member, Switzkill Farm Board

Kelly Martin, President, New York State Wildlife Rehabilitation Council, Berne

Bonnie Goss, Middleburgh

Keith J. Christiansen​, Guilderland

Shirley Unser​, Publicist, The New York Capital District Christian Women’s Connection

Joan Storey​, Guilderland

Ellen Manning, President, McKownville​ Improvement Association

Robyn Gray, Volunteer, Guilderland Coalition for Sensible Growth

Judy Kimes​, Publicist, New Scotland Historical Association