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ALTAMONT Past and present volunteers with the Altamont Rescue Squad joined together Saturday to celebrate 75 years of service to the village and its surrounding towns.

“It was really a success,” said rescue squad President Elaine Martin.

VOORHEESVILLE — The Voorheesville Area Ambulance squad asked the village board last month to help fund professional daytime drivers and emergency medical technicians.

GUILDERLAND — Several families and the middle school’s long-time enrichment teacher told the school board that eliminating the elementary and middle school enrichment teachers would be a mistake.

VOORHEESVILLE — A party got out of control when Matthew B. Loucks and Michael J. Pankow went to Loucks’s former home, where his ex-girlfriend and young daughter live, according to the Albany County Sheriff’s Office.

VOORHEESVILLE — The Voorheesville School District is working to close a gap of $41,844 in next year’s budget, even after receiving an extra $188,644 in state aid for converting to full-day kindergarten.

GUILDERLAND — After months of board discussion and several community forums, Superintendent Marie Wiles on March 1 presented her $89 million budget for the next school year.

VOORHEESVILLE — Residents may finally be ready to install a dog park in the village limits, but the board may not be ready to fund one.

Resident Dennis Ulion collected nearly 100 signatures to present to the village board at its workshop last week.

VOORHEESVILLE — Andrew J. Myers, of Handy Andy Home Improvements, has been stealing jewelry from the people who hire him for house repairs, according to the Albany County Sheriff’s Office.

GUILDERLAND — After 48 years, the parishioners of St. Boniface Episcopal Church are beginning to think of their building as permanent.


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