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GUILDERLAND — The revenue gap faced by the school district for next year’s budget has narrowed to $2.6 million — down from $3.2 million — because the amount Guilderland has to pay to the Teachers’ Retirement System is less than had been anticipated.

GUILDERLAND — Although Superintendent Marie Wiles will not present her budget for next year until March 1, she indicated Tuesday she will recommend a spending plan that eliminates the popular high school advisory period.

Sometimes seeds that are planted take a long time to grow.

A Berne native, Michele Von Haugg, has made it her mission to plant trees on the other side of the world — in Tanzania. These are blackwood trees, known as mpingo in Swahili. The mpingo grows slowly, taking three decades to reach maturity.

ADIRONDACKS — Darwin Roosa, of Altamont, is the president of the New York Ski Racing Association, Nordic, and volunteers year-round to plan winter races and help get youth involved in the sport.

Even with all of his coaching, volunteering, and organizing, he remains a top competitor in masters’ races.

BERNE — Surviving with a bare-bones contingency budget after two years of defeats at the polls, Berne-Knox-Westerlo is looking at sharing services with other districts as a way to keep taxes in check while maintaining programs.

VOORHEESVILLE — Each yoga class here begins by finding one’s breath.

ADIRONDACKS — Orienteering is a sport where competitors use a map and a compass to find their way from one point to another, checking in at each point; the racer to complete the course the fastest wins.

VOORHEESVILLE — The village board passed its second resolution of the year last week, naming a different bank trustee of the $394,000 investment account for fire and rescue volunteers.

Angelina McKenna fell in love with figure skating when she was only 4. It’s been 12 years, and her love for the sport has shown no signs of diminishing.

GUILDERLAND — Visitors to Orchard Creek at Altamont Orchards will have a new experience this spring. An expanded and renovated patio, a new banquet room attached to the restaurant, fire features, and indoor golf and movie entertainment will let Orchard Creek be a year-round facility when it reopens this April.


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