Voorheesville Trustees Richard Straut and Sarita Winchell were unopposed for their seats in this month’s village election. Just 74 of 2,010 registered voters turned out on Tuesday, March 19.

Incumbents Richard Straut and Sarita Winchell are running unopposed on March 19 to remain Voorheesville trustees.

For its annual “Fine Amnesty Week,” the Voorheesville Public Library allows its patrons to return overdue items without having to pay a fine.

When Voorheesville updated its comprehensive plan this past summer, it called for the rezoning of the area around the former Smitty’s Tavern, which is owned by Stewart’s Shops. The rezone ended any hope the company had for putting a new and larger store on the site. This week, citing an inability to build a new shop, Stewart’s announced it would close its Voorheesville store.

Sarah Clark became the new director of the Voorheesville Public Library on Nov. 1., after the library’s longtime director, Gail Sacco, retired in October. Clark was chosen from a very well-qualified field of applicants, said David Gibson, the library board president.

VOORHEESVILLE — Stacey Curley and Erin Casey have joined the board of the Voorheesville Community and School Foundation.

Next week, a new restaurant, Gracie’s Kitchen, will open in the village of Voorheesville.

VOORHEESVILLE — An upgrade to all of the lighting in village-owned buildings will save Voorheesville, after an initial pay-back period of a little over two years, about $8,000 annually.

VOORHEESVILLE — Thirty-one students at Clayton A. Bouton High School have earned AP Scholar Awards in recognition of their exceptional achievement on Advanced Placement Exams.

The village of Voorheesville sent a letter to residents recently with new recycling guidelines. China announced last year that it would no longer take in the world’s recyclables, sending the price of disposal through the roof.


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