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A community build date has been set for the new playground at Voorheesville Elementary School after it received approval from the state education department.

Bureaucratic and vendor delays mean that the students of Voorheesville Elementary School may have to wait until next fall for a new playground.

A cost-saving measure by Voorheesville brought on a federal audit and fines last year.

Five years ago, Doug Arthur had been away from drawing for a while when one night he bolted out of a dead sleep with the idea that he was going to do a book.

A dramatic increase in Voorheesville’s adopted budget is due to a one-time expense, and Albany County Comptroller Michael Conners came to the the village board’s monthly meeting to talk about what could happen to a municipality’s budget if sales-tax revenues decrease.

Voorheesville Mayor Robert Conway

The proposal is increased 29-percent from this year’s budget, which is due largely to a sidewalk capital project.

All Voorheesville candidates for village board were unopposed and sent back to office on Tuesday, March 20.

Albany County Helderberg-Hudson Rail Trail

The Capital District Transportation Committee has a plan to connect the multi-use trails of Albany, Schenectady, Rensselaer, and Saratoga counties into a single network. A report found that, on nine of the trails, there were 1.6 million visits in 2016.


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