The Rensselaerville Solar Committee met with the community for feedback on drafted solar energy system regulations.

Hera Merritt

Sheriff’s deputies charged three young adults with unlawfully dealing with a child, because, the sheriff’s office says, they teens alcohol.

Steve Pfleging

Auditors from the state comptroller’s office gave verbal recommendations for the town of Rensselaerville, such as to have resolutions stating what reserve accounts are used for or having written procedures for billing for water and sewer services.

Over 50 bicyclists took to the streets of the Hilltowns on Sunday morning to tour Rensselaerville’s five hamlets in the fourth annual Rensselaerville Ride event, sponsored by the Carey Institute for Global Good’s Sustainable Communities Program and Helderberg Brewery in collaboration with the New

“I realized I wanted to take care of the larger planet,” Anne Rhoads said. “Protecting the forest would support the animals as well.”

Joseph Heyman

Joseph Heyman, Ph.D., a retired scientist at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, told a young boy, “In your lifetime, son, amazing things are going to happen that you never even dreamt of.”

Rensselaerville catalpa tree fallen

A tall and ancient catalpa tree has fallen at the former inn, Catalpa House, in the Rensselaerville hamlet.

The bridge connects the hamlet to a restaurant, brewery, and local post office.

The three elected assessors — who were all in favor of the change — will leave their posts at the end of the year, after which a single appointed person will serve as town assessor.

Hébert Joseph, the new chairman of the town’s Democratic Party, said that he hopes to get more Democrats voting this year, such as by helping transport the elderly to the polls and encouraging young people to vote.


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