The public hearing on Pyramid’s proposed Rapp Road apartment project was kept open until Oct. 28, as one Guilderland resident questioned whether the Oct. 14 hearing should have even taken place. 

At its Sept. 10 regular meeting, the Knox Planning Board decided to wait until next month to weigh in on the Knox Town Board’s re-application to rezone approximately 80 acres of land at the intersection of routes 156 and 157 to a multi-use recreational district.

Could a solar farm proposed for Altamont Road in New Scotland impact the view from Thacher Park two miles away?

Todd Schwendeman

Todd Schwendeman announced his resignation from the Berne Planning Board, offering the town board a way to appoint convicted felon Tom Spargo back to the board after his short, illegal tenure. 

James Cohen, Guilderland

activists who had assembled

Guilderland Planning Board members avoided walking through the front door of town hall to avoid activists who had assembled there on Wednesday to protest the board’s vote to approve Pyramid’s Rapp Road and Western Avenue projects.

The Westerlo Town Board has extended the town’s solar and wind energy moratorium for one year, dashing the hopes of a solar developer that was planning to build on a Westerlo property.

Rezsin Adams

Lynne Jackson, Daniel W. Van Riper, Save the Pine Bush

Steve Wickham, Guilderland Coalition for Responsible Growth

Another Guilderland project is nearly through the approval process.  


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