Iris Broyde, Guilderland

VOORHEESVILLE — The owner of a popular Bethlehem pizzeria has come forward as the likely buyer of 112 Maple Ave., once the home of Smith’s Tavern.

Guilderland zoning Chairman Thomas Remmert said it’s the largest variance request he’s heard since he’s been on the board.

The new owner of 112 Maple Ave. is not yet known, but changes to Voorheesville’s zoning code may have to be made to accommodate the buyer of the former Smith’s Tavern. 

Bernard Radtke of B&B Containers has asked the Guilderland ZBA to approve a special-use permit that would allow him to store roll-off containers, trucks, and heavy equipment at 4304 Frederick Road. 

Three properties near Voorheesville Village Hall — 40, 42, and 43 South Main St. — have had, or are due to have, their current on-site building demolished to make way for a new restaurant, café, and parking lot. 

Phillips Hardware in January was looking to post four signs that would total 128 square feet in area — well above what’s allowed by town law. That request met with unanimous pushback from Guilderland’s zoning board, which led to Phillips halving its ask earlier this month, a request that found a more receptive audience. But at the Feb. 16 meeting, Phillips requested its application be shelved. 

Two boards — for planning and for zoning — best serve the public. Whatever small, undetermined savings there would be by abolishing the planning board would be far outweighed by the loss of its perspective.

Last month, Altamont Mayor Kerry Dineen presented a bill that would do away with Altamont’s planning and zoning boards and replace them with a single zoning board of appeals whose “powers and duties” would comprise both bodies. During a Tuesday public hearing on the proposal, Dean Whalen, who’d been a trustee for 16 years, took issue with what could be considered a rather large change to the proposed law. 

It was recommended to Altamont resident John Polk during last month’s zoning meeting that he try to get the village board to change the law through an amendment process laid out in the zoning code.


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