The lawsuit, filed by three of the petitioners involved in the four previous unsuccessful suits, seeks to annul the Guilderland Industrial Development Agency’s August 2023 decision allowing Pyramid to acquire by eminent domain the roads on the proposed Costco site, at the corner of at the corner of Western Avenue and Crossgates Mall Road.

GUILDERLAND — McKownville will have a new $9.6 million firehouse, built in the footprint of its current 57-year-old station.

On Tuesday, fire-district residents passed the measure in a landslide — with 80 percent of the vote, according to Michael Costabile, the chief of the all-volunteer department.

The director of the Guilderland Chamber of Commerce and the chief executive officer of the Guilderland Industrial Development Agency both argued against the moratorium along with a business owner and a resident.

Maps shared with The Enterprise, posted online with this story, indicate that the CHPE line, which mostly runs along the railroad track, will cross Youmans Road “via trenching,” will cross Game Farm Road “via horizontal directional drilling,” and will also cross West Yard Road near Route 32.

The Sept. 12 suit includes photographs of Gabriel neighborhood houses in disrepair, overgrown with brush. “The reason for the neglect is now obvious,” the suit argues. “Pyramid ceased maintenance of the neighborhood in order to now argue the area is blighted to support its bid for condemnation.”

Bernard Radtke of B&B Containers has asked the Guilderland ZBA to approve a special-use permit that would allow him to store roll-off containers, trucks, and heavy equipment at 4304 Frederick Road. 

Three properties near Voorheesville Village Hall — 40, 42, and 43 South Main St. — have had, or are due to have, their current on-site building demolished to make way for a new restaurant, café, and parking lot. 

“It would be in line with the town’s hamlet idea,” said developer Ron Kay of his plan for 20 acres along Route 85, across the road from the Stewart’s Shop and in between Stonewell Plaza and the convent-turned-apartments at 1903 New Scotland Road.

Hiawatha Land Development will be receiving about $2.46 million in sales-tax exemptions and approximately $664,000 in mortgage-recording tax exemptions, but not the $1.06 million in property-tax exemptions it had been seeking. 

“We don’t necessarily think office is going away. It’s going to change,” said Jeff Mirel, a principal with Rosenblum Development. “What we predict is more of a hybrid approach where office will become the center of workplace culture. It is where training will happen, where collaboration will happen. But folks may not be in the office every day of the week.”


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