GUILDERLAND — Police here worked with their counterparts in Baton Rouge to arrest a man in Louisiana who left a disturbing — but, as it turned out, hollow — message last weekend with the Albany Times Union.

Sara Neff

Completing an alcohol and substance-abuse treatment program can help make certain inmates eligible for early release, according to the Department of Corrections and Community Supervision. 

A video of a Crossgates Mall brawl posted to Twitter has been viewed three million times. 

During the holiday season, “There’s always a rise in people stealing packages off stoops or trying to get something for nothing, trying to get the best of somebody,” said Altamont Postmaster Bill Van Dyke. 

Happy Cat Rescue

Marcia and Charles Scott say they don’t understand why they were arrested and that they took good care of the many cats they saved at the Happy Cat Rescue shelter they ran from their Guilderland home.

Five years to the day that Berne-Knox-Westerlo kindergartner Kenneth White was murdered by his cousin in their Knox home, a vigil was held by Kenneth’s Army at the place his body was found, across Thacher Park Road from the trailer where he had he lived.

“It was freakin’ scary, really scary,” said the witness to a hit-and-run accident on Route 155. “I lived in California for 10 years and I’ve never seen anyone drive so aggressively.  They knocked this person onto the shoulder.”

The unidentified body found in Bethlehem was buried in April 1981 in Graceland Cemetery in Albany, in a pauper’s grave. Commander Adam Hornick of the Bethlehem Police has visited the man’s grave site. “It’s humbling,” he said of the experience. “With 21st-Century technology, we should be able to solve the case.”

The crimes were “ruled by insatiable greed,” said Assistant United States Attorney Michael Barnett in court Wednesday. 

After a video was shared widely online of a woman taking packages from a Guilderland home, the packages were returned. 


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