BERNE — Jack McEneny's passion for history and his gift for storytelling are well known. He's had the role of county historian and written a history book on Albany, which was republished in 2006.  Jack knows a thing or two when it comes to the stories of our past.

Dawn Jordan, councilwoman, Town of Berne

Defense attorney Paul Van Ryn complained that a witness changed her story so he wasn't able to prepare for the trial held in Berne on June 15.

Pastor Wendy Cook, Helderberg Lutheran Church

Pastor Bob Hoffman, First Reformed Church of Berne

Jeffrey Richards, a public defender, and Brittany Grome, an assistant district attorney, clashed briefly in the small court in Berne Tuesday.

Raphael Revella, program manager at Helderberg Haven

BERNE — As the sunny weather in the past week has sprouted seeds in backyards across the area, a couple is asking people to dig up their plants and bring them to the town park on May 16.

To the Editor:

Berne’s Game Farm Road project is well underway.  The Berne Town Board requested candidates for positions to a project board that, together with the town board, will oversee the property’s development.  

To the Editor:

To the Editor:

This breaks my heart to hear this: North Country Animal Shelter posted on Facebook to watch out for “dog nappers.” Thieves are walking and driving around, stealing our loved pets. How sick is this.


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