RENSSELAERVILLE — The Rensselaerville Historical Society is hosting an art show, starting this weekend, at the Grist Mill on the hamlet’s Main Street.

Twenty-five artists will have their works on display. 

“Productions are currently seeking lower-density areas that can provide more flexibility and safety, and we can definitely do that here in Albany,” said Discover Albany Film Commissioner Deb Goedeke.

Susan Story, an artist based in Rensselaerville, will use grant money to paint a nearly true-to-size apple tree, a project that she says honors the significance apples hold in the Helderberg Hilltowns, and New York State in general. 

RENSSELAERVILLE — On April 1, local poet Tom Corrado, of Berne, published “A Piece of Nothing,” a poem that on its face describes the experience of isolation, and the ensuing flights of fancy that provide solace in imagination. It doesn’t mention the virus, or quarantine, or any word that even suggests being alone.

The Carey Institute for Global Good is putting together an interactive telling of the Anti-Rent Wars in Rensselaerville, using theater, music, and re-enactment. The production will be bolstered by grant money received from the New York State Council of the Arts Decentralization Program. 

Raechel Fraterrigo

Raechel Fraterrigo’s business got its start through social media and has grown rapidly through sites such as Instagram and Facebook. 

The idea behind the film, said director Dmitry Gelfand, is love. “Love conquers all, love conquers racism, love conquers depression, love conquers death.” 

Artist Bruce Hillard

ALBANY COUNTY — Bruce Hillard, a resident of the Albany County’s nursing home, has had his artwork selected for a 2020 “Art From the Heart” calendar.

His painting is titled “Pagoda Lights” and is featured on the cover of the calendar.

Zach Appio

Zach Appio is a storyteller. When he and his brother, Frank, were both seniors at RPI five years ago, they produced a prize-winning psychological thriller, “The Baby Monitor.” Now, Zach has found new ways to tell stories — through comics and music.

Simona Bortis-Schultz,

Local artist Simona Bortis-Schultz leans on art in her ever-changing world. 


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