Editor a treasure

To the Editor:

What I have to say will embarrass the person I’m writing about, but it needs to be said, so, I’ll blurt it out.

I wonder how many of us realize the treasure we have in Melissa Hale-Spencer, the editor of The Altamont Enterprise. Or do we just take her for granted. “Oh yeah, Melissa is good; we all know that.”

I’ll try to say why I think she’s so good, though I won’t do her justice. She has an engaging personality, which is why she can write warm, personal articles about people — even obituaries.

She’s an excellent writer because she does her homework, gets her facts straight when she reports on people, local issues, government, schools, Thacher Park, whatever.

If she disagrees with some person or issue, she does it in a positive, kindly way, yet firmly. She is not nasty and mean like some of us. She obviously listens to people very well and hears what they’re saying.

She is a steady consistent person, who cares about her work each day. Such a person is a treasure.

If you agree with me, let Melissa know. Send her a card, a note. Tell her personally, she deserves that.

“Angie’s list” reports on all kinds of contractors, etc. when you’re looking for one. The guy who on the TV commercial is praising Angie says, “I love you Angie,” then says to his wife, “Sorry, Honey.”

So, I can say, “I love you, Melissa” and to my wife, Margie, “Sorry, Honey.” But I’m old and foxy enough to add, “You know I love you bestest!” ‘Taint good grammar, but it works!

Keen Hilton

Baldwinsville, NY

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