Taxes have again proven a death sentence to a small business

To the Editor:

It was such a sad story in last week’s Altamont Enterprise to read about the closing of Greulich’s Market after 60 years in business, due to a tax issue. 

Where is our governor now with all of his big tax-break incentives to do business in this state?  It is simply a joke!

When I hear the TV commercials about, come to New York State and all the tax free incentives for new business, it just makes me sick.  Who comes up with all this garbage?

What about the mom-and-pop business like Greulich’s that have over paid taxes for years?  What are they entitled to?  And what about all the other businesses in this state that can’t make a dime trying to keep afloat just trying to pay land and school taxes?  Where is their incentive?

Where is all this Lottery money that is going back for education?  With all the money that’s made there, we shouldn’t have to pay a dime in school taxes.

When you read about the governor’s dealings to negotiate a budget to build the Tappan Zee bridge, allowing $100,000 for Falcon relocation and the latest, $30 million for a sound barrier wall for fish reproduction, that is just stupid, off-the-wall garbage.  I am sure a few old school buses dropped over the bridge would more than do the job.

Then take that $30 million and give it to existing small businesses in the “Taxed to Death” state so we can stay alive. 

Also, this state needs to put a stop to the never-ending tax deductions for immigrants and big business.  A two-year tax break is more than enough; then it’s time to pay their share, or move out!

New York government needs to stand up and do its job and stop playing games with budgets, contracts, and immigrant incentives. Government needs to start showing respect for the existing businesses that have built this state and country.

If government is going to offer any tax breaks, it should apply to all small businesses that have been kicked to the curb for years, as a thanks for keeping everyone else on Easy Street.  It’s all just criminal, and the government always seems to get away with it. 

Governor Cuomo should personally visit the Greulich family and start doing the right thing with something good to help save existing small businesses.  Then put that on TV!

Joe Merli

Editor’s note: Joe Merli notes he has been in business in New York State for 45 years.

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