We were one Guilderland

— Photo from Mark Grimm

Making music: About 500 Guilderland students performed in a May 14 concert.

To the Editor:

Something uniquely Guilderland took place at the high school on May 14.

About 500 music students from grades five through high school presented a district-wide concert. It’s such a big deal it would be difficult to do on an annual basis so it is presented once every three years.

It was amazing for many reasons.

The students from the various elementary schools had not had the chance to practice all together even though they had to perform some of the same songs together.  They pulled it off. 

And, while the different grades did often alternate performing songs, the students who were not performing were remarkably attentive and respectful. No whispering, no smartphones, no horsing around. It said something very positive about our kids, and about you for the way you have raised them.

When the final number involved every student in the gym, I got chills listening and observing. We were one Guilderland. Thanks to everyone who made the night possible.

Mark Grimm

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