Young people go the extra mile

To the Editor:

I often say to myself and others that we need to notice and commend our young people when they go the extra mile to help others.  Quite honestly, we certainly notice and talk about negative behavior enough.  So with that in mind, I decided to put my thoughts into action.

This past Saturday, the Altamont Free Library held its annual gala and, once again, it went very well.  In order for things to run so smoothly, it took many hands.  Not in the least was a group of high school volunteers who gave up a Saturday evening to be of service for more than six hours.

The students did everything from greet people and hang coats to pass the appetizers, and help organize the checkout from the silent auction. They even stayed for the dreaded cleanup afterward.

Each one took instruction from several adults and did all of this with smiles, politeness, and great skill.  We heard comments from attendees on how helpful and respectful they were. The kids even had some helpful suggestions for us for next year.

When thanked at the end of the evening, they said that they had fun.  What more can you ask than that?  I know we’ll welcome them again next year. 

For me, working with these teens on an event like this is like coming full circle since some of them are my former elementary students. Seeing them grow into such respectful young adults is one of the benefits of having lived and taught in the same community.   Hats off to all of them!


Yvette Terplak


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