How we will know those who truly need help?

To the Editor:

I am writing in response to the recent publications about the funding for our Hilltown Community Resource Center, your most recent article being named “County to lend counseling hand for BKW.”

I firmly believe that this funding is a great attribute to our community. As a student that has needed great help, and received it, I think more funding to continue to help is a wonderful thing.

However, a concern that lies with me is being able to distinguish between someone who really needs help and a person who is just saying anything they can to either get a handout or just to make something positive into a negative, maybe both, who knows?

Now, we know as with everything “it’s not all rainbows and sunshine”

But it also can’t be just a one-end thing; parties on both the giving and receiving end need to work together. If the help is there, it needs to go to those truly in need and those who truly want it. This can’t be a system where people say they want/need help but don’t do their part to get help, and then talk negatively about such help.

I believe gaining a resource center with extra help is a great thing, but I worry about people abusing the system; our teachers and professionals work hard to help and provide for those in need. But how will they be able to tell if people truly need help or are just trying to be negative? And what system will be provided to make both parties know what is expected of them? Not just  assuming and automatically down talking one’s credentials or experience.

I think its important we make a system for this extra help to make sure it doesn’t happen.


Shellie Mendez



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