There is no “acceptable” number of accidents

To the Editor:

I am writing to express my opposition to the latest proposed expansion of Crossgates Mall.

The expressed purpose of the expansion is to increase the number of customers, yet the almost daily accidents at the Northway entrance ramp during holiday shopping season indicate that the roadway system is already inadequate to handle the current customer volume.

I can speak from experience when I say that each time even a “fender bender” occurs, the lives of the responding police, firefighters and emergency medical personnel are placed in jeopardy.  The recent tragic death of Trooper David W. Cunniff should serve to remind us of that fact.

 There have, over the years, been several “Band-Aid” attempts at limiting the number of accidents that occur at this entrance, and on all of the mall roadways, but yet they still happen with alarming frequency.

Let me be clear: There is no “acceptable” number of accidents. Each one, each time an officer or Trooper or firefighter or emergency medical technician has to respond is a life and death situation.

Until the roadways, exits, and entrances to Crossgates can be made safe for the volume of customers they hope to attract, no expansion should be permitted.

John M. Carr

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